The Pokemon Black and White CMS have a weird concept. They make playing Pokemon like an everyday srs bsns thing or something, can't really explain it (more like I'm terrible at explaining things), since Tego and Aibu Saki are just being interviewed in this plain white background. I was watching the Tego ones, and it's so weird to see him now because I've been familiar with this boy since 4 years ago and he was such a baby back in those days! He's like a man now. I swear I saw a hint of facial hair protruding out from under his skin. It's weird seeing him all grown up.

Happy 9/11?
Okay, just kidding. Uhh, sad 9/11?
And Yasu turned 26, is it now? Ahhh, yet he still seems the same cute little man I fell in love with. :)

Also, Kino is being rude and not stocking the October issue of Zipper until October. Ughhhh, I can't believe I have to wait another month just to get the issue I've been dying to get since August.

i'm gonna make somebody love me

OMG, they're making a Paradise Kiss movie!! I'm so excited!! This was like the only anime I actually liked back in the day. And I really like the cast, Keiko, Mukai, Kato Natsuki too! Ah, I'm so excited.

In other Yazawa Ai news, it is going to take me forever to read my 4-volume Japanese version of ご近所物語, hahaha.


♥♥♥♥ alksjdflkjaslkdjfkljsldf
They look so hot, omg I can't wait for this.
I need to buy this issue of Zipper now.
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jin faces


So I just watched three MBLAQ Y performances in a row and might've watched certain parts of them repeatedly. Guh, MBLAQ, please don't ever go away because I feel like I've never been so GUHHHH about another group's performances. I think it might just be Joon though because that motherfucker is so fucking angsty and just never wears shirts. And then Mir always catches me off guard because he's the pretty boy but he does such a sexy deep rap, and I guess it's because the rappers are usually the meh-looking guys of the group, or rather, not the pretty boys.

OMG Joon. I want that one. Tugging at your clothes and teasing all of us by not taking it off. He actually unbuttons that one button in the performance I linked above at 3:10. You know I rewatched that part.

But I'm not gonna lie, I crack up out loud during the one move in the chorus when they stretch their arms into a Y.

Connie was telling me today that she heard that Rain sold all the shares to his company or something and since MBLAQ is part of that, this piece of news is worrying me because I need more bad songs for them to dance to, and maybe for Joon to take off a shirt once in a while.

Okay, never mind. 2:52.


My sleep schedule for the past couple of days ever since returning from Japan:

Aug 20-
Arrived at 2:00pm
Passed out 6-8pm
Bed at 4am

Aug 21-
Woke up at 2:30pm
Passed out 6:30-9pm
Bed at 5am

Aug 22 (today)-
Woke up at 8:30am
Napped 11-1pm
Passed out 3:30-8pm

If you notice I haven't been able to get proper meals at all, especially dinner, my favorite and biggest meal of the day. I do NOT need to be any skinnier. I'm also missing all my plans to hang out with friends who are all starting school this week. Half of them already left and the rest are leaving within the next couple of days. They all will even try to get a hold of me but I'm such a heavy sleeper that their calls don't get through to me at all. I haven't gotten to really hang out with anyone and I've been starving to death these past couple of days because the only times I'm wide awake are the wee hours of night, when I can't eat anything more than cereal and milk.

I just realized that I actually haven't eaten anything but one bowl of cereal and milk every day so far along with some pieces of candy I'd chomp on when I woke up. omfg how can I not be eating. Actually when I was walking just now, I felt like I was gonna fall over because my legs didn't feel strong enough to support me anymore. omg I want to cry.

I'm so sad, and so fucked, because I'm leaving to New York on Thursday and haven't got the time to repack for it since I'm always so damn sleepy.
hiro brushing

shock shock shoxxx - Endless SHOCK to come to US by 2012

I didn't know Endless SHOCK had still been playing. I remember when this thing first came out. By 2012, あたしの日本語はぺらぺらするほどよくなるのかな。 I'll be back in NY by then.

I'm so excited to travel the world in 2011. Ever since being here in Japan, I'm really starting to enjoy the experience abroad even more than before. I'm really going to miss this place and my people here. :(
hiro brushing

I see trees of rainbow colores.

I can't seem to find a HQ version of this PV for dl. Hence, the LQ cap. :(
But the PV was so fun! Sighing at Japan and its obsession with white girls btw.
I feel like a bad fan because I haven't kept up with K8 in forever. D:

And because of my delinquent absence from the K8 scene, can someone explain what this "Prologue of Patch" is supposed to be? D: All I could get was that it was the on the bonus DVD to the "Wonderful World" single, and they look like PVs or something? I noticed that they were connected.

I can't count the reasons I should stay. :)


Because of the lack of fanfare I have experienced surrounding this finale when it aired, I have come to conclude that obviously no one watches Community. OMG, you guys, this show has become one of my tops, to where I now must catch every episode weekly when season 2 premieres. HIMYM used to be the only show I was this loyal to. Hallo Community to my new weekly obsession in the fall.

GUHHH, Season 1 was fantastic.

Also, best scene ever.

Abed's Don Draper impression was SPOT ON. So good that I kinda squealed and had to rewatch it right away. The voice was pretty much perfect! What the fuck, Danny Pudi, you've got some amazing impression skills.
The Mad Men fan in me also giggled inside a bit because it's Trudy Campbell!

I am also in love with the theme song.

I hope it doesn't go downhill like Glee did because the finale ended with a weird-ass twist with potential to turn into some crazy drama fest like Glee did.


I think I'm a fat person in a skinny person's body or something. First, meat doesn't seem to grow on my bones. And second, for some reason, I can drink quite a good amount of alcohol and not feel its effects. A person like me should definitely be a lightweight, but I'm not fazed at all.

I'm not saying I binge drink or anything, but it's kinda weird when I'm watching people who drink the same amount as I do stumbling over and slurring their speech while I'm perfectly fine. And I'm this little Asian girl.

I guess this is one of those things that makes me "not fun" according to guys, like how I'm not ticklish as well.

On another subject, my late night viewings for this summer shall consist of The Big Bang Theory and Community. I am loving both series quite much and highly enjoying the shortness in length of the episodes, which allow me to watch many at a time. :D :D

Ahhhh, and Jin touring the rest of the US! :D Oh, but I'm afraid of the shitfest that might ensue at the NY show. Too many people.

I'm afraid to spend too much money on clothes when I go to Japan because I haven't shopped since like, Spring Break? D: D: The many nice clothes surely will tempt me so.

Wow, IDK what's up with my voice in this entry. I sound so formal. Cheerio.
Okay, now I want cereal.

blowing my mind

The character posters are so beautiful. I want one. This one in particular. JGLLLLL

This movie better be fucking fantastic because my hopes are so high for this.
Crying that I'm going to be in Japan when this releases in theaters. I really hope I find a theater that'll play this. :( :( :(